Raffle Notice

NMGMS is holding a raffle! Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5 and the drawing will be held at our May 18, 2019 meeting. The winner does not have to be present. We are featuring three prizes. The winner will pick which one they would like to receive. The first prize is a beautiful … [Read more…]

Fossil Site Privacy

It’s been a couple of years since we covered this subject, but it appears that it is time to bring it up again.  We have many new members, so it’s good to go over some important facts about our field trip sites.  First of all, our organization works very hard to procure the permission of … [Read more…]

Food for Thought about Geotagging

Here’s some information that I gleaned from Wikipedia:   “In order to capture GPS data at the time the photograph is captured, the user must have a camera with built in GPS.  Most smart phones already use a GPS chip along with built-in cameras to allow users to automatically geotag photos.  Others may have the GPS … [Read more…]

Open House at the Oren Dunn City Museum

Friday, November 5, 2021 at 6:30pm there will be an open house at the Oren Dunn City Museum in Tupelo featuring guest speaker, George Phillips with the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.  Topic will be the fossils of the Tupelo/Lee County area. Refreshments.

Petrified Wood in Mississippi

At the NMGMS November meeting, we were excited to have George Phillips, paleontologist with the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, as our guest speaker. George gave an overview of some of the history about petrified wood found in Mississippi.  Petrified wood was designated as the state’s official rock in 1976. Some of the things we … [Read more…]