Food for Thought about Geotagging

Here’s some information that I gleaned from Wikipedia:   “In order to capture GPS data at the time the photograph is captured, the user must have a camera with built in GPS.  Most smart phones already use a GPS chip along with built-in cameras to allow users to automatically geotag photos.  Others may have the GPS … [Read more…]

Cleaning & Preserving Fossils

Fossil Cleaning/Preparation Workshop Something to keep in mind when cleaning fossils … Voltaire, Francois-Marie (1694-1778) – French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher famous for his wit and advocacy of civil liberties, including freedom of religion, freedom of expression, free trade, and separation of church and state. Voltaire was a prolific writer, producing works in almost … [Read more…]

Cleaning Fossils

Fossil Cleaning and Preparation Fossil preparation begins in the field: Loose pieces of a fossil should be immobilized, if at all possible with glue or a plaster cast, or collected in separate mapped and labeled packages. Use foil for the smaller, more delicate pieces and newspaper for larger ones. Any glues used out in the … [Read more…]